Is technology evolving and mankind devolving?

This week we discussed how in such a huge network with so many connections worldwide, why is it we can overlook so many major details, and not be able to create something completely unique.
The internet is used as a tool for communication worldwide and has political underpinning. The controversial video of Kony 2012 went global so quickly. Everyone had seen the video or bought the poster and we’re outraged by what we had seen. The only issue was that the video, being over half an hour long, meant very few people watched the ending. Many regard the ending of the video missing some of the key details to the purpose of the video. The Kony video and many other videos on the internet play on the “distract ability of the network culture”. We are constantly searching for the best answers and the quickest ways ,to get them. The best new devices and the best updates we can download. But with such a demand for newer and better ways of using the internet and getting information why is I that so few people are actually developing these things.
We use the internet everyday even while we are not “connected” but we use it in limited ways. This blog post for example. It’s my thoughts but in order to get it out there I am using Pages and posting it on WordPress.
As humans, many studies have been done to show that we do not address a problem till it faces us. We don’t address problems in large crowds as we feel less responsible for it ourselves. The internet being so big is a blessing and a curse. Have we reached the pinnacle of technological advancement or gave we opened a doorway so big and so full of possibilities it has rendered us incapable of thinking for ourselves?
” can we produce positive change, preserving what is good about network culture and changing what is bad, or are we doomed to dissipate into the network?”


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