The History of The Internet

History of the internet

Being that the internet was not in our homes till around 1960-1970 and only became personalised on the 80s and 90s the history of the internet tends to get overlooked before these times.
With world war 2 America and Russia were on their own playing field. I don’t claim to be any kind of historian let alone have a strong knowledge about the war and what came of it but in this post I’ll discuss it in its simplest form. As America began to develops a whole new type of warfare with nuclear power they felt more and more certain that the Soviets will be building something similar to protect themselves. Basically up until this point both sides had created a weapon and an automated service that would send another missile in retaliation to destroy anyone who set off a missile but would still be obliterated in the process. Basically no one wins and that just wouldn’t do.
The bombs worked fine, they were precise using a grid system and were aimed at main infrastructures however and could destroy everything within range. The only thing they could do is to develop a way track these weapons. Thus the invention of the radar, a wonderful invention which would detect anything flying over the country including recorded flights and record a “blip” this being an unidentified object ie: a missile the country was on e again safe from anything flying overhead to destroy the American dream. until the Russians launched Satellite Sputnik explorer 1. This was the next big thing! Putting something in space opened up whole new doors for exploration and study, but also created a larger playing field for people to send weapons to space. Rendering radar systems obsolete. Well the Americans panicked, how could they compete with the Soviets if they decided to attack from space? It simply would not do. Thus the creation of NASA a US Government agency we all know very well still to this day, their intentions were clear, get a man into space before the Russians. Putting them back as no1. If you aren’t getting the picture yet this whole war and the following events turned from serious threats to “my gun is bigger than yours.”
Then around 1971 the email came into play. This leading to the xerox machine and making computers more personal and useful for the house and small projects. They weren’t just in the military anymore but in our homes, our schools, our business etc. only if you could afford one however. Then in 1989, the World Wide Web with browsers, windows systems, hypertext and codes like HTML nothing was off limits, not even the government. Opening up new doors into something that was originally produced by the military into peoples homes is just asking for them to push it to new limits and discover more. Even how to play practical jokes on our military and government through their own system. Julian Assange and that whole crew were pioneers and original panksters.


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