Networked Storytelling

When Taylor and I joined in a group to brainstorm ideas about how are networked storytelling film would go she came with the idea of two scenarios, her point of view from a trip to Darwin and another from Melbourne over the Easter break.
The idea grew into creating two separate story lines that would flow through one another with the use of certain characters or images that matched up. A linear timeline would connect our seperate holiday plans into a story better than a choose your own adventure narrative would do.

The screenshot of this timeline is one that Taylor and I compiled, as well as a list of our separate filming tasks to do over the break. The timeline being a linear pattern contrasting Darwin and Melbourne. The timeline is within one day beginning with early morning and into night. Each events is compiled in sequential order to create a feeling of time passing and parallels between the two videos.


My filming took place at a camping festival over the Easter weekend that I work at called
Boogie in Tallarook. Unfortunately leaving a nice camera in my tent wasn’t ideal so I did rely on my iPhone for the filming, it got the job done but is not as high of quality as the filming could have been. Taylor filmed through Darwin’s Northern Territory, both rural areas and CBD with a Sony HDR-CX240E Handy cam. Having used two different recording devices the film isn’t as seamless as what it could have been as Taylor’s is a higher resolution and my iPhone shots were taken vertically and through the editing process wasn’t something we could fix or I could retake. It does make the match up of the shots a little choppy but we wanted to take that risk in filming completely separately in order to really give the audience and ourselves a two worlds combining finished effect.

Our choice of editing programme was windows live movie maker, we assembled both of our corresponding shots within the movie timeline in the order we had brainstormed earlier. The first mock up we left the background and filmed sound audible with the background song- ‘Mikhael Paskalev’s I Spy ‘. The filmed sound made the video sound unfinished so we agreed to mute our filmed scenes and incorporate sound effects such as the airplane sound Taylor sourced by downloading through Freesound and edited through Audacity.

When putting the rinsed product all together we experienced a few problems to do with the different recording devices, mine being on an iPhone was an .mov video format and Taylor’s on a Handycam being an .mts were not compatible with the editing programmes. Taylor used a free online video converter on her laptop to covert the files into an mp4. Format making them compatible with Windows live a movie maker.

Taylor and I worked together well considering our limitations with being two separates states and filming without direction. We’ve compiled the video and audio well together so that, while the shots don’t flow seamlessly from one to the other the viewer gets this idea that it is two different perspectives which parallel one another. Taylor’s choice of sound effects and audio really compliment the video as a lighthearted adventure piece about two separate people.


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