Week 9

Week 9 we went into more depressing subjects about how the web structure the internet holds does not reflect the structure of the people who produce, use and remove the waste the products create.
In a society where such a strong use of and internet we structure is used the hierarchy structure still exists for the people using it.
It’s said that only a small percentage are connected in the web whilst the majority are creating the web for us. Weaving it so to speak with games and social network programmes.
By using the internet we are these peoples advertising. By posting a status on Facebook about a photo you took with Instagram and a place you went to lunch for in the city, you’ve talked and advertise 3 maybe more products. Digital speech has become a type of digital labour. Through talking through the products we create more speech about each product. Basically we’re doing most of the work for these companies and their advertising and not bring paid for it. ” communication has itself become a mode of social production. The way we are treated as not only consumers but also as the workers for these companies is pretty intelligent of the marketers. It’s cheap, global and they don’t have to do it themselves. Just by word of mouth these companies and owners of the companies are making billions off of us. A kind of slave labour if you will as we are more and more becoming slaves to the technology, not being able to imagine life without. What was once considered a “good slave” was that if they were give the freedom to walk away they wouldn’t know better to actually do it. But in the hierarchy structure we are not at the bottom. Being the consumers we hold a higher rank than those who create the actual product for us. The workers in Foxconn factories and the miners of coltan take bottom rank. All in all some pretty depressing stuff but gives us a good idea how the web structure network has tried to change these things.


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