The internet and zombie films

Network media and the spread of ideas is perceived both positively and negatively. As a reflection of the system and the network it has been a huge advancement in how fast and wide spread we can send information. However it has also become an unstoppable force of constant messaging and transfer of media, ideas and also viruses. Viral media is contagious and easily spreadable and adaptable. The network has connected us in such a way that viral media is forever circulating and transferring that it is similar to an actual virus and how it spreads.

People have been obsessed with concept of viruses and how they spread since the plague. The way in which it spread throughout Asia and Europe has been studied and even modernised with the idea of zombie films and even movie marketing. Zombie films have been a huge enterprise for the box office. People’s obsession with a Zombie race or an overrunning of a virus that the human race has to combat has intrigued people for years. Once known as groaning slow moving brain munchers, the beloved zombie has evolved into a sprinting, agile and powerful killing machine. Zombie movies underlying meanings have usually been a discussion or a reflection on society and capitalism or rather the idea we are consuming the faster than what can reproduce. These films depict a world where networks are bad as they promote the spread of a virus. This is a pretty close reflection of the internet. Through transmedia advertisement, memes, anything can be so easily shared and are now so tailored to each user that they are constantly being spread throughout the network. They are spreadable and adaptable and never-ending it would seem.

It seems that the way we share information has evolved so vastly that they are now more compact and adaptable that they have become unstoppable. Youtube videos, chain emails and memes are so popular as they are short but they also are videos which evoke feelings of joy, empathy and are enthusiastic down to the last detail. However because they have been circulated so much they are perceived as something purely for entertainment and usually at the expense of others. Memes now carry such a negative connotation because while one ingenious and hilarious they have been adapted, scrutinised and remade so many times over the connection with the person in the original video or picture is lost therefore the feeling of empathy is gone too.
Communicating and spreading ideas through the network has been a huge advancement in technology and connects people in ways never thought possible. But because it is so large and so widespread the humanity in it lost. Peoples empathy or connection with things they would be confronted with in real life is lost and it seems we’ve desensitised ourselves from connecting emotionally as well as technologically.


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