Underwater cables and communication

Discussing the ideas of tansmedia has opened my eyes up to how limited I believed the internet to be. Not only is it visual and textual but the initial idea of communication came from sound, or the idea of transmitting sound through technology and has revolved many times over into a whole new form of communication. The whole idea of the internet is a form for people to better communicate with each other,and over the years it has advanced beyond the idea of just sending sound, or codes but into multiple media texts over a huge network. This in relation to a more marketable aspect of sending information, transmedia in which the initial idea of the message originally communicated

Communication has always been the idea behind creating the internet and it’s structure. The whole thing is designed on the main points of communicating with other users, your ideas through different medias.
The emergency and the impending threat of war has always been the jumping off point for creating the internet. Being able to communicate with allies, being able to send and receive information about war was the difference between winning and losing. Communication began with binary code, the method of sending messages through the use of on and off which turned into the method if morse code, which structured this method using various dots and lines to communicate.

Morse code was first sent in the 1830s after Samuel B Morse pioneered the movement by planting the transatlantic cable below the sea between upper New York area to Ireland. The cable was A collection of copper wires wrapped in hemp and tar, this style of candling is still in use. These methods of communication have opened up for screen and text in such a way that we now market the idea of communication differently. To better sell your product a whole range of transmedia aspects must be looked over to find the best way to market your idea or you become irrelevant or unexciting in such competitive market. You need posters that link to websites that have separate Facebook and Instagram pages which then take the audience on a wild goose chase all over the internet and the real world to find out that the message is being marketed to them through their own actions. Messages over the internet have devolved back into just human interaction, which in turn they take and further discuss it online which creates more and more conversation. These somewhat primitive under water cables still keep us connected but now connect us through all 5 senses, not just sound.


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