Final 5 blogs

Making networked cultures has given me a lot to think about the internet as a whole and how I use it. Being able to discuss how the internet came to be and the History of the internet gave me a better understanding of the internets original purpose and what need it was trying to meet and how it became so marketable. By meeting those basic needs of communication the internet has developed beyond that. Over the years it has evolved and changed so much so that some people don’t know how to live without it. Day to day life has changed so much so that we need to ask ourselves if the internet has evolved so much has it taken mankind back two steps. In order to keep producing and updating new technology it is at the use of people. From people being the marketing tools for programmes just by using them and even hashtaging the technology, to actual slave labour and poor working conditions where the technology is built. It’s not a nice reality but that’s what it is. Even discussing how technology spreads through transmedia can be related back to the plague and how other infectious diseases spread. I choose to look at the internet as an evolving technology which is helping mankind not hindering as it has changed how we as humans communicate and educate one another.

I have chose these 5 blog submissions from the past semester as I believe that they were topics I connected with and was able to properly discuss and explore the ideas that were introduced in those weeks.


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