Transmedia Project

Transmedia Project

Sarah Wilson


Website and Video link

When I first began to brainstorm my ideas for the transmedia project I initially thought of how I would get people interested in following the clues and becoming a part of the movie itself.

Posters, unique codes, websites, flash mobs, bird’s eye view group imagery, product placement and game apps were some of the ideas I had considered in creating an alternate reality that could connect with actual reality. The practicality of this project was a huge aspect that I had to think about as well as by connecting two separate worlds you have to adhere to the restrictions of that world.

The final product of my transmedia project was an idea about a movie. The idea for the movie being a “Soylent Greens” and “V for Vendetta” adaptation set in the future in which a corrupt Government has taken all the pure, clean water supply as they have destroyed the natural resources through toxic dumping.  They have repackaged a questionable new strain called “Woda” from Woda Industries and give it to the people in weekly supplies, via a barcoding system tattoo on the back of the neck of every civilian. The water supplies are distributed according to compliance and in exchange for manual labour work from the civilian’s that promotes this toxic dumping. If the people revolt or act out against the Government in any way their supply isn’t given that week. Eventually the anarchist group known as the A.W. or anti Woda, know the truth about where the clean water comes from and what happened to the old natural water supplies. They create an alliance with other civilian’s in the film and create the A.W website and revolution to overthrow the Government.

My idea about how to create the transmedia project and to best advertise my website I further looked into the ways that “The Dark Knight” and Prometheus films advertised. By involving members of the public that shared an interest in the movies they were able to make them feel like they were a part of the movie without actually being in the filming for it. Then by attending the premiere of the film they were able to fully understand the role that they played in it.

A.W Project

The Posters go up:

I first thought about how to initially spread the idea or the curiosity about the film in a simple media form. Something impacting and effective but also didn’t have to show much about the following film or set of activities the public would take part in. By setting up posters all over a chosen city of the films debut, in this case Melbourne CBD is the first point of contact between the movie reality and the real world participants. A poster of the back of a man’s head, shaven and looking down, tattered clothes and a green dark overcast shadowing in order to make it look like he was in a room or a cell. The focal point of the posters is the barcode on the back of the man’s neck, which has the initials A.W below it. I chose to not print any other words on the poster but to let the audience figure out the meaning of the poster itself. That which being the barcode, an actual QR code on his neck. The audience member photographs the QR code which takes them to the second part of the transmedia plan, the website.

The Website is activated:

Once our audience takes a photo of the QR code on the posters it takes them to a website. Whilst they don’t know exactly what it’s for, this is the first time they get to see and understand what the film is about and what the posters are or going to mean. The website is one that the anti-Government or A.W group have created in the film. The website is designed as a safe place for the group to meet, talk and organise their overtaking of the Government and Woda industries.  Whilst not an extravagant website, it gets the point across as it is more of a forum and shows the first glimpse into the Government’s Woda strategy. My website layout was designed by myself but created with the help of a family friend Chris Taranto- Software developer.

The Anti Woda logo is centred at the top of the page. A black background with red font say the words “Don’t drink the water” are the focal point of the website and whilst having a humorous connotation are designed to reinstate fear into those words.  

Company Logo and Anti Company Logo:

Creating the company logo I used an existing logo for a company called Sterling water.

technologies and the font Arkitech which I downloaded from a font’s website.



Woda Logo:


The Website and Anti Woda Logo:


The Anti Woda Logo is essentially the opposite of the first logo. I have changed it to black and inverted it so it no longer looks like the original but still holds the same shape. I have then put A.W for Anti Woda underneath the logo to still advertise the alliance but does not give their name or their mission away.


The Video:

There is also a video on the website which is an advertisement or really an instructional video for the people in the movie so they know that they’re being watched and any kind of revolt or disruptions to the work will result in punishment and a cut off of their supply of Woda for the week. The video is an idea based off of the “Happy Birthday David” video from the promotional campaign of Prometheus and the instructional video played in “Battle Royale”. A hybrid of the two with a dash of the character, Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games franchise.

The video opens with the “Woda Enterprises” logo and cuts to the spokeswoman for the company/ the instructor who is the focal point. My friend Emily Colbert being so kind as to help me film. The non-diegetic sound is soft, unnatural sound but has the feeling of a soothing spa ad. She is quite soft spoken but what she talks in such a way and with such conviction and she seems ecstatic about the company, their ideals and what the people have to suffer for in order to serve it. The girl in the videos juxtapositioning to the man in the poster shows that she is working for the Government and shows the hierarchy structure of money and power from the Government to the people of the movie. She is standing in front of a white background with bright lighting to create a bright and sterile almost unnatural environment.

The video ends once again with the company logo. After the video the person visiting the website finds the unique login code and is asked if they want to join the alliance and overthrow the regime. The person is asked for their name, email address and postcode and is told to await further instructions.

The video is an advertisement from the Woda Industries people. It features one of their their spokesperson for the company.


“Hi, didn’t see you there.

I’ve come from one of the many sites that Woda Industries is made up of.

What’s Woda you may ask?

Woda Industries is the no.1 drinking provider for the planet.

Woda Industries has over 10,000 water packaging sites in all countries.

Woda industries wouldn’t be where it is today if not for all its hard workers.

We’re a family at Woda Industries but like any family we have our rules.

Each employee has received a Woda barcode on the back of their neck.

Make sure you get your barcode scanned every day. Once at the beginning of work, and once at the end of your shift.

If you do not get your barcode scanned you and your family will not receive your water supply for that week.

Also anyone caught slandering or plotting against Woda Industries will be punished accordingly.

So remember at Woda Industries we’re working for a better tomorrow, today. “


Initial storyboard using storyboard creator a free online programme. Very simple clip of using the fake company logo and close up shots of my actor. Just a simple mapped out version of my concept.




The video of an actual water packaging pant are ones available on YouTube. I feel they add to the film as it is something to look at and while she is talking about and to the people of that world they show its cold metal, conveyer belt machines and I believe it says something about how they treat their people like machines.

Video of a water packaging plant

Music used for the video

Online mp4 to wav file converter programme for changing the scenes I filmed into audio files to play over the existing footage of a water packaging factory.

Reflection on the video:

On reflection of my video component of this project I believe it is not the best it can be. Filmed on my iPhone in a lounge room it is not up to a standard I would be happy with. I had to download and test at least three different editing programmes which all had their limitations. Then my computer decided to crash and delete my work therefore I had to settle for Windows Live Movie Maker. It is not polished, It deleted the last couple extra shots I had saved in my files, there is a problem with the audio but regarding my limitations I believe that my work portrays the ideas I had in mind when starting this project.


The People are given their instructions:

An email is sent to each person who wants to join. In the email its states “Welcome to the alliance. Follow these instructions if you want to stay alive”. Below is a list of time, date, location and a 4 digit code. It is not said what the code is for but that they will need it once they arrive to this place. The time and place is altered to each person’s postcode and name and they are sent to specific locker in locations, e.g.: train stations, swimming pools, airports etc. tailored to them. This is what the unknown four digit code is for. Inside each locker is a ticket to the movie premiere, a temporary tattoo of the QR barcode which we saw on the man’s neck in the first poster and an actual bottle of Woda water. They are asked to wear the tattoo to the premiere on the back of their neck otherwise they will be spotted and their lives and mission may be in threat. They are also asked to bring the bottle of Woda but are warned not to drink it.

The Premiere:

At the premiere as they watch the movie they see the “alliance” in the movie too have temporary tattoos and they all find out the secret behind “Woda” water.

The whole idea of this transmedia project is to actually build a secret alliance outside of the movie in the real world made up of people who have step by step become part of the team. This idea is to make the participants feel as though they have played a part in the movie which makes them develop a special connection to it and continue to blog and write about their experiences with the tasks they have performed and the movie itself. This will hopefully generate ticket sales and maybe even the opportunity to do it in multiple countries.


Additional Aspects:

If haven been given more time, a bigger budget and a team of ingenious marketers that could help me literally think out the ideas on a grander scale. My 3rd part of the trans media project, if been given that chance to actually do it would to be to create a second poster to go around the city, but one that includes the members of the public who are following the clues. Once the members are given the locations of the lockers, rather than going straight to the premiere of the movie they would be given a piece of cardboard. One side with an image and other side with a time, date and exact co-ordinates to take this paper as well as the instructions to go to this spot at this time and hold the image side above their head. This would eventually gibe the members who are following the clues a chance to talk face to face about what’s going on, why their following these instructions and what it could all mean. This would literally be them forming an anti “Woda” alliance in real life without them knowing it. The pieces of cardboard that they have held above their heads in unison would have a bird’s eye view taken of it and would create the new poster campaign. The new poster would be of the same man on the first poster and the star of the film now facing the audience and looking angered and holding his hand in the air in a fist. We would also see how frail and de hydrated he looks. The image is later shown in the movie as a signal for the anti “Woda” alliance, a sign of strength and unison.



Using Mockingbird I have created a flowchart of how the audience will interact with each of the components of the campaign whether they follow the clues, choose to ignore the messages or go to online forums to find out more in order to keep going with the process of finding the clues.


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