Audacity sound environment

To begin my project I had to think about (regarding my time limit), what environments would I be in or apart of this week. This thought immediately took me to my plans for the weekend in which I was going to a couple of bars for a friends birthday. I decided to digitally reproduce this environment by recording each element separately. Due to noise conditions they are not as polished as I would have liked them to be but it gets the idea across. Using the people talking, eating, drinking, music and general background noise I’ve recreated the bar and pub environment. Always noisier than necessary most of it does sound like a bit of a shambles but each sound is loud in itself that once put all together you immediately get an idea of where you are regardless of being able to hear each component clearly. To produce this I used the voice memo feature on my iPhone by recording where I was, those around me, the noise they made while eating and drinking and some of the audio playing over the speakers (which in the end didn’t come out very well so I’ve hyperlinked the source) and compiled the sounds together on Hokusai a program similar to audacity for iPad into one finished product. The program itself is very simple and didn’t give me the same options as audacity for sound editing but considering it was an app I downloaded I did go for the free version which could mean I got the simplest format.


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